Advanced Survey and Title Services (ASaTS) Project

Advanced Survey and Titles Services (ASaTS) is a project to replace Landonline (the system currently used to manage New Zealand’s title and survey transactions).

What is ASaTS?

ASaTS is a project to replace Landonline (the system currently used to manage New Zealand’s title and survey transactions). 

ASaTS will deliver next generation technology and significantly improve the quality and range of survey and title services that we provide to our customers.  ASaTS will increase the availability and quality of property information to support high quality decision making, while moving the survey and title service to a responsive and sustainable technology platform. 

Additionally, ASaTS will improve functions already offered by Landonline and be a more interactive system for customers like surveyors and conveyancers.

Why do we have to replace Landonline?


Landonline was developed in the 1990s and introduced in 2000.  It is increasingly difficult to support and enhance, which reduces our ability to respond to changing customer needs.

Given the age of the technology, it is anticipated that the system will only become more difficult and expensive to change over time.


Property information held across various central and local government agencies isn’t easily accessible or integrated.  For example, we hold title information relating to most private land in New Zealand, but you must be a registered user of Landonline in order to access it, and valuation and rating information is held with individual territorial authorities. 

The lack of accessible and integrated property information impacts the quality of decisions that can be made about land and location.

Innovations and enhancements in linking property information held across various government sectors are difficult to deliver within the current Landonline system. 


Landonline isn’t keeping up with evolving customer needs.  It doesn’t allow for different ways of working; doesn’t interface well with other software; and can have compatibility issues with some operating systems.

For example Landonline does not work on tablets, mobile phones, or Apple products. 

What are the benefits of ASaTS?

Increased system availability, reliability and sustainability

Moving to next generation technology will improve availability and reliability for customers.  It will also provide the ability to more easily make changes to meet evolving customer needs.

Technology can be used on various operating systems and devices

ASaTS will be accessed via a web browser.  This means customers will be able to access ASaTS from various computers, devices and operating systems.  Much like accessing your online banking from different computers and devices using secure log ins. 

Improved integration with 3rd party software

ASaTS will provide a seamless integration with 3rd party software.  This will ensure that data is transferred between systems with less rework. 

Greater public access to property information through web-based search

ASaTS will introduce an online land titles register search tool which will be publically available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Create NZ business opportunities through greater data availability

ASaTS will help us to collect and manage more sophisticated data, which will help customers create new value add products and services. 

Link property information across Government

ASaTS will give us the ability to link property information held across various central and local government agencies (for example, linking title and rating information).   

This function is essential to the Government’s work towards Integrated Property Services, which will make it easier and quicker for you as a property owner, builder or developer to get information  you need.

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Increase level of data validation and automation

ASaTS will provide greater automation of some transactions and decrease double up of data entry in others.  Additionally, ASaTS will provide the ability to update Council rating information when a transfer is registered and improvements in the mortgage registration notification process.

Ability to capture and generate plans in 3D

ASaTS aims to capture and represent survey plans 3D. At present, Landonline does not support capture of 3D information, so plans can be created in 3D by surveyors, but must be converted into 2D in order to be entered into Landonline.  

Crown Land Index to support better investment decisions

At present, there is no central, accessible Crown Land Index which can provide information on the ownership and administration of Crown owned land in New Zealand. 

ASaTS will be designed and built with the aim of supporting a Crown Land Index to enable users to access a more comprehensive picture of all land in New Zealand, thereby supporting better investment decisions. 

How will ASaTS be delivered?

Moving from Landonline to ASaTS

Until ASaTS is fully operational, Landonline remains New Zealand’s only system for survey and title transactions.   It’s essential that that we have a fully functioning, reliable system in place, that is right for our customers, before we switch off the existing Landonline system. 

We are working towards having ASaTS in place by 2022.  Between now and ASaTS implementation, we will maintain and manage Landonline at current standards.

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Diagram showing timeline of ASaTS project, with our current position in the 'Definition' phase

How do I get more information?

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Last Updated: 6 December 2017