We have been taking a leadership role with location information since 2007 and developed tools and publications along the way.

2007: New Zealand Geospatial Strategy

In 2007, we released the New Zealand Geospatial Strategy with the vision of:

Trusted geospatial information that is available, accessible, able to be shared and used to support the:

  • safety and security of New Zealand
  • growth of an inclusive, innovative economy
  • preservation and enhancement of our society, culture and environment.

The New Zealand and international context has changed significantly since 2007 as advances in technology and data-users’ needs and expectations have increased.  The principles of the Geospatial Strategy have been incorporated into our location strategy and outcomes framework.

New Zealand Geospatial Strategy 2007 (PDF 1.6MB)

2009: Report estimating the value of geospatial information

In 2009, we published a report by ACIL Tasman that provided the first, robust analysis of the contribution that geospatial information makes to the New Zealand economy, and outlined opportunities to grow this contribution.  

Spatial Information in the New Zealand Economy

2009: New online services for accessing data

The Department of Internal Affairs launched www.data.govt.nz in 2009, enabling users to search for, explore and download thousands of government datasets.

In 2011, LINZ established the award-winning LINZ Data Service.

In 2017 we developed a syndicated contract enabling other agencies to easily open up and publish their own data.

2011: Canterbury Spatial Data Infrastructure Programme

Following the Canterbury earthquakes, LINZ led the Canterbury Spatial Data Infrastructure Programme. LINZ worked with local Canterbury agencies and central government agencies to accelerate the recovery effort by enabling improved sharing and use of location information.

Canterbury SDI Programme

2011: New declaration on open and transparent government

In 2011, Cabinet approved the Declaration on Open and Transparent Government that directed all public  agencies to commit to releasing high-value public data actively for re-use.

Declaration on Open and Transparent Government

2013: New LINZ vision - the power of where

In 2013, LINZ launched its vision, the power of where, which put world-class, open and accessible geographic information at the heart of LINZ’s strategic direction.

The power of where drives New Zealand’s success (PDF 1MB)

2017: Integrating location strategy into LINZ Outcomes

Since 2007, advances in technology and data-users’ needs and expectations have increased, so LINZ and the Government have made some changes.

The Chief Executive of Stats NZ was appointed Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS) in 2017 to support government agencies build their capability, implement data standards, and manage their data as a valuable and accessible strategic asset.

We launched our Outcomes Framework in 2017, with a specific focus on open, connected and accessible high-value geographic and property information for New Zealand.

LINZ Outcomes Framework

Last Updated: 25 July 2019