The Emergency Services and Government Administration (ESA) project was focused on improving the quality of data commonly used to define location, anywhere in New Zealand.

This data is especially critical in the responses of emergency services. LINZ, NZ Police and NZ Fire Service analysed the types of information commonly required to more effectively direct officers to incidents. From this, comprehensive specifications have been developed for geocoding street addresses, road centrelines and place names. These specifications are based on the following standards published by the International Organisation for Standardisation:

  • ISO 19101, Geographic Information - Reference Model
  • ISO 19109, Geographic Information - Rules for Application Schema

The core data needs of other government departments for the same type of location information were also considered within the specifications. The ESA standard is a recognised schema for use within the Government Enterprise Architecture for New Zealand Framework (GEA-NZ).

The current version, v1.9.7, of the ESA Data Specification was published in September 2004, after no significant comments were received on its draft form by 31 August 2004.

The ESA specification is available as a pdf or zip file below. The PDF is recommended for browsing and printing; the zip file contains the complete suite of documents, including the Specification's links, and XML files and links (these must be extracted to the correct relative directory structure).

The unchanged ESA Application Schema is also available, as is a change control.

Last Updated: 15 March 2022