Role profiles

Find out about some of the roles available at Toitū Te Whenua.

Toitū Te Whenua employs more than 500 staff and, given the broad scope of what we do, offers a wide range of roles across our different locations.

Nathan Legge, Customer Support Agent

Nathan Legge

I am a part of the Toitū Te Whenua contact centre. Our team provides technical support and assistance for Landonline. This ranges from software support to assisting professionals with setting up transactions through the Landonline systems, along with offering customer support to everyday people with land queries.

I have had the opportunity to work in all our offices at some point and I have found everyone to be welcoming, accepting and friendly, and we work well collaboratively and cohesively. I have been able to develop my leadership skills for my future career goals across the public sector.

Toitū Te Whenua has a great work culture. Starting a new role can be daunting. I didn’t have that here; after my first day I felt as though I had been with the people for years. It is great to work for an agency where we had support from leaders and management to attend a Cross Agency Rainbow Network for the public sector to help us start our very own Rainbow Network.

Brittany Goodwin, Policy Advisor

Brittany Goodwin

I work within our policy team to deliver advice to the Minister for Land Information and provide support throughout Toitū Te Whenua on matters relating to policy and legislation. If legislation needs to be changed, then the policy team works through the issues and analyses options to determine the best outcome for New Zealand. In addition to my main role, I am in the Women’s Network Working Group where we hold events and provide support for women at Toitū Te Whenua.

I like that Toitū Te Whenua has such a supportive and social culture – we have lots of employee-led networks that support our communities here at Toitū Te Whenua. We’re known for our positive work culture, and people here are always friendly and happy to help out.

Our leaders support us to grow and develop, giving us the opportunity to attend courses and seminars that grow our knowledge.

Bella Anastasiou, Business Advisor

Bella Anastasiou

I work in the Digital Delivery group supporting its key corporate and business activities. Our outcomes include modernising the Landonline system and leading the business in 3 focus areas: Agile, Customer Centricity and Digital. I am a member of a cross-functional team that works to ensure these outcomes are met.

People at Toitū Te Whenua are fantastic. Some of the work I do requires collaboration with other parts of the business. When there’s a problem to be solved, everyone is happy to help and openly shares their knowledge.

Toitū Te Whenua offers flexible working which helps me to be more productive in and out of the office. Due to the nature of our collaborative work, it’s easy to grow a network within Toitū Te Whenua and explore development opportunities in other areas of the business.

James Robbins, Senior HR Reporting Analyst

James Robbins

After a brief hiatus in Vietnam and the emergence of COVID-19, my role kicked off at Toitū Te Whenua. I am a reporting analyst in the People department (HR). My role is to provide reports and analysis that address business problems, monitor payroll related processes and uplift the quality of Toitū Te Whenua data assets. I am also a member of the Disability Action Advisory Group (DAAG) which sets out to better support the needs of the Toitū Te Whenua whānau. My spare time is taken up in the outdoors, typically mountain biking.

I found adjusting to Toitū Te Whenua life smooth. Coming from a larger organisation, it’s much easier to meet people from different departments here. Typically, I find people energetic, reasonable, and generous with their time. As a person with low vision, Toitū Te Whenua has made accommodations to support me at work. For me, navigating that process has been a breeze. People are understanding and help to minimise the impact of my impairment.

The culture at Toitū Te Whenua is good, there’re several bikers with water cooler chat and plenty of other enthusiasts. There is a lot of interesting work going on in the next few years. We have a large piece of software being developed in-house and are advancing our technology goals across the organisation. The approach to work is becoming increasingly adaptive, which is a great environment to be involved in, create new solutions and learn. There are opportunities for people to shift teams and experience different work. Work conditions are supportive – for contrast here’s a photo from Vietnam. The climate's better, but not the décor.

Raeanna Thomas, Project Manager

Portrait of Raeanna Thomas

I’m a project manager and I love it. I enjoy fixing, helping and organising so I’m well suited to my role. I also enjoy learning and every new project gives me an opportunity to learn about a different part of the organisation, which is great because Toitū Te Whenua does so many different and interesting things.

The thing I enjoy most here is the amazing people I work with, including being part of the Toitū Te Whenua Whānau Group / Kapa Haka Rōpū. I’ve been fortunate enough to be taught many te ao Māori mahi toi (arts / crafts). I’ve learnt how to make a pākē (Māori raincoat), which is now framed and hangs in the Toitū Te Whenua reception area. I’ve learnt and taught other Whānau Group members how to make poi, putiputi (flowers), kete (bag) and whetū (stars). At one point we made 130 iti desk ipupara (small desk rubbish containers) for the Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) office when they moved to a new office space. I’ve performed in Te Kōnohete 6 times. Te Kōnohete is the government sector kapa haka festival. It’s not a competition, it’s more of a celebration of te ao Māori in the public sector. I am also proud that as part of Toitū Te Whenua inducting all new employees, the induction always starts with a pōwhiri, which is wonderful way to welcome and embrace our new people.

I feel grateful that Toitū Te Whenua fosters professional development, and I’ve been given many learning and training opportunities to evolve my skill set. I began my journey at Toitū Te Whenua in 2012 as a temp. Within my first week I spoke to so many people that had been given many development opportunities by way of training for and moving between different roles within the organisation. This was first thing that attracted me to apply for a full-time role at Toitū Te Whenua.  I’ve now lost track of how many roles and opportunities for change I’ve had in my 9 years here. It’s the most supportive organisation I’ve worked for during my career, and I’m grateful for the endless opportunities I’ve been given and the amazing people I’ve worked with along the way. I’ve made many friends for life here!

Handmade kete, flowers, poi and pākē