Toitū Te Whenua sometimes hosts visits from international delegations. We have world-recognised expertise in land administration and related functions including land registration (Torrens), Crown land management, geodetic, hydrography, place naming, and overseas investment.

Follow these steps to start planning your visit to Toitū Te Whenua.

Before your planned visit

At least 8 weeks before your planned visit, fill in the ‘Visit request form’ and email this to

If a third party is organising your visit, your application must also include a letter from you giving permission for the third party to organise your visit.

Visit request form

Read this important information before completing your application:

  • Toitū Te Whenua can decline your request to visit.
  • Toitū Te Whenua will not sponsor your visit.
  • Toitū Te Whenua cannot help you with any visa requirements. Contact Immigration NZ for information: Visit New Zealand website.
Last Updated: 14 March 2022