Find out about how we’re making it easier for iwi to access information about Crown property in the disposals process.

Whatungarongaro te tangata, toitū te whenua. People come and go, while the land is permanent.

The Crown Property Disposals Portal is an online system which allows iwi to access information about Crown properties in disposal at the time the property enters the disposals process.

The Crown can offer to sell properties to iwi under their Right of First Refusal or transfer them to the Landbank through the Protection Mechanism.  Through the Portal, iwi can view detailed property information, including photos of the property, maps and locations, land area, and any covenants or reports for the property.

Click the image below to watch the video on how the Portal works, and benefits for iwi.

Benefits of the Portal

The Portal allows iwi to:

  • access more information about Crown property than they currently receive or have access to
  • have access to information at the time a Crown property goes into the disposals process, which allows more time to make decisions on whether to buy a property (in some instances iwi will have access to information up to 18 months sooner, not just the 20 days from when iwi receive a formal offer)
  • respond to Right of First Refusal offers on online, rather than by post.

More properties to be listed

We are working with other government agencies so they can list their properties in the disposal process or, subject to Treaty commitments, give iwi access to more comprehensive information.

We will add information about the Treaty Settlement Landbank properties into the Portal by mid 2017.

Vision for the future

We have a vision that the Portal will become an online, comprehensive source of information for all Crown property.

Access to the Portal

We are providing access to the Portal to iwi so they are able to let us know which properties they are interested in.

Access the Crown Property Disposals Portal

Please note that we are currently only providing authorised access to trustees or employees of Post Settlement Governance Entities or Mandated Iwi Groups.  To access the portal you’ll require a login and verification from LINZ.

You can get in touch with our Crown Property team at:

Last Updated: 25 May 2017