LINZ has released its advice to the Minister for Land Information on possible changes to the management of Crown pastoral land.

This advice informed the Government’s announcement in February 2019 that it would be ending the tenure review process. The Government has also commenced public consultation on further regulatory proposals to support effective management of Crown pastoral land. Along with the decision to end tenure review, a discussion document, ‘Enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land’, was released on 17 February.

The consultation period closes on Friday 12 April 2019.

Consultation on enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land

About the documents

The documents are not Government policy: they represent LINZ’s advice to the Minister on potential regulatory changes. There are instances where the advice differs from the final decisions by the Government. You can find a summary of the decisions made by Cabinet in the Cabinet minute CBC-19-MIN-0001 (Document 1). The associated regulatory impact statement ‘Proposed changes to tenure review’ can also be found below (Document 2).

The documents cover a variety of sub-topics and date back to November 2017.

Due to the high level of public interest, LINZ has also published the December 2018 Cabinet paper “Release of the discussion document Enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land” which was considered by the Cabinet Environment, Energy and Climate Committee. This Cabinet paper was not progressed beyond Cabinet Committee and another version was later resubmitted in January 2019 where it was then confirmed by Cabinet. The key change between the two papers is the decision to end tenure review, which was not proposed in the December 2018 paper. This change reflects this Government’s commitment to long-term ownership of Crown pastoral land. The December paper did not have an associated regulatory impact statement.

When necessary, some of the documents have had information redacted, such as where information is subject to legal privilege, or still under active consideration by Ministers at the time of this release. These have been redacted in line with the guidance in the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act). If this information were formally requested under the Act, it is likely that it would be withheld, though over time more material may be suitable for release. A table outlining the relevant sections of the Act that would likely apply has been provided.

Doc. #



Cabinet minute CBC-19-MIN-0001

Cabinet paper

Delivering better outcomes for Crown pastoral land (PDF 2MB) (already released)



Regulatory impact statement: Proposed changes to tenure review (PDF 872KB)


Cabinet paper

Release of the discussion document Enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land (PDF 668KB)


BRF 18-082          

Briefing on Issues and Opportunities in the High Country (PDF 6MB)


BRF 18-100          

Briefing on progressing a High Country work programme (PDF 10MB)


BRF 18-133          

Briefing on Crown pastoral lease regulatory system review (PDF 562KB)


BRF 18-202          

Briefing on issues that will require policy advice to inform change to the CPLA (PDF 7MB)

Appendix 1 (PDF 2MB)


BRF 18-258          

Proposed new strategic direction: Enduring Stewardship of the South Island High Country (PDF 550KB)

A3 diagram - reshaping the Crown pastoral land system (PDF 806KB)


BRF 18-283          

Reshaping the Crown pastoral land system: Property rights (PDF 4MB)

A3 diagram (PDF 835KB)


BRF 18-286          

Rents on Crown Pastoral Lands (PDF 4MB)


BRF 18-302          

Aide memoire: Reshaping the Crown pastoral land system - Property rights and regulatory approaches (PDF 591KB)


BRF 19-005          

Assessment of the Crown pastoral land regulatory system (PDF 544KB)


BRF 19-009          

Initial advice on tenure review (PDF 8MB)


BRF 19-010          

LINZ's future focus for the South Island High Country work programme (PDF 13MB)


BRF 19-113          

Providing further information on Crown pastoral lease rents to inform discussion document (PDF 12MB)

Last Updated: 1 April 2019