We have demolished about 300 houses and developed a park-like setting over thousands of properties since becoming responsible for Crown-owned red zone land in 2015, with this work now largely complete.

The property clearance process begins once Crown-owned properties are vacated, settlement is finalised, and EQC and insurance assessments are complete. We then work with private insurers to demolish or relocate dwellings, and to clear other built structures such as sheds, garages, driveways, fences and paths.

After these structures are removed, we clear residual debris, assess remaining vegetation, and apply an appropriate land treatment. Treatments help stabilise the land, making it easier and safer to maintain until decisions are made about the land’s future use.

Access restrictions on Port Hills red zone properties

For security and safety reasons, we restrict public access to Crown-owned properties and buildings.

  • Access to all Crown-owned property is by written permission only.
  • Contact us for access to Port Hills red zone property:
    Email redzoneinfo@linz.govt.nz or call 0800 665 463
  • Contact CCC for access to flatland red zone property (Brooklands, Southshore and South New Brighton, and the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor):
    Contact CCC

Vegetation on Crown-owned Port Hills properties

As managers of Port Hills red zone land, we retain indigenous trees and shrubs, and established healthy trees wherever practical. This is particularly important in the Port Hills because established root systems can help reduce erosion. Any vegetation that can’t be kept is removed during the land clearance stage.

This approach only applies to Crown-owned properties. It doesn’t apply to privately-owned property, and Council-managed areas such as parks and the flatlands residential red zone area.

You can download our policy on removing vegetation on red zone properties from the Attachments section below.

For enquiries about vegetation in the red zone flatlands (Brooklands, Southshore and South New Brighton, and the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor), contact CCC:

Contact CCC

Interim land treatment

Interim land treatment is the final stage of the clearance process.

Different areas may have different interim land treatments depending on the natural and ecological characteristics of the land, including soil type, water table, and proximity to waterways, biodiversity, access, topography, and public visibility.

Most Crown-owned land in the Port Hills residential red zones is grassed.

You can download the interim land clearance treatment plan from the Attachments section below.

Last Updated: 1 July 2020