The red zone pest animal surveys have been conducted annually since August 2018 to gain a better understanding of the actual number of pest animals inside the area.

Boffa Miskell was engaged to conduct the extensive pest animal surveys across Crown-owned red zone land to identify pest animal problems early on so pre-emptive controls can be put in place as needed.

The scope of the survey includes possums, rats, mice, rabbits, mustelids (stoats, weasels and ferrets) and Canada geese.

The 2020 survey results indicate that LINZ’s vigilant and pre-emptive management approach has ensured that the number of pest species in the red zone is at an acceptable level and does not require any large-scale control.

In July 2020, management of Crown-owned flat land red zone areas transferred to Christchurch City Council (CCC), while LINZ will continue to manage Crown-owned Port Hills red zone land until May 2021.

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Last Updated: 7 August 2020