Anyone can apply to use Crown-owned red zone land on a temporary basis, including for short, one-off events, or for projects running for up to 5 years (or until the land transfers to Christchurch City Council).

Temporary land uses have proven an important regeneration tool in Christchurch and since 2016 we have made red zone land available to community groups and organisations for more than 130 short-term projects or events.

Te Tira Kāhikuhiku has been established to provide advice and recommendations to us and the Council on applications for temporary land-use initiatives.

  • Te Tira Kāhikuhiku
  • Guide for applicants

Applying for a short-term lease or licence

We can agree to short-term leases and licences of Crown-owned red zone land in the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor (OARC) and Port Hills.

Decisions on short-term activities do not signal any intentions or decisions about permanent land use. 

email or call 0800 665 463.

The Council is now responsible for granting short-term leases and licences in Brooklands, Southshore and South New Brighton.


Once it owns the land, the Council is also responsible for determining whether existing leases or licences expire, or whether transitional land-use agreements will be carried over.

Enquiries about permanent land uses

Any enquiries or requests to use the land on a permanent basis go through a different process, led by Christchurch City Council.

For permanent land-use enquiries: 

Types of transitional land uses

We grant 2 types of red zone access to Crown-owned land:

  • Licences - typically granted to use the land for one-off events.
  • Leases - tend to be granted for projects.

email or call 0800 665 463.


Christchurch City Council is responsible for granting access authorities to red zone land. For example if you’re carrying out works on a neighbouring private property and you need to cross the red zone.



Last Updated: 14 October 2020