Find out more about the reasons for red-zoning on the flat land and Port Hills.

The residential red zones include properties in Kaiapoi, Kairaki, Pines Beach, Brooklands, along the Avon River, Southshore and in the Port Hills.

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Flat land residential red zones

Flat land areas have been red-zoned where the land has been so badly damaged that it’s unlikely it can be built on over the short to medium term. 

Most of the built structures on Crown-owned properties in the residential red zone have already been cleared. Our main role in these areas is maintaining the land.

Port Hills residential red zones

This area has been zoned red because of the life risk posed by rock fall and/or cliff collapse, and land slips. The focus of our work in the Port Hills is clearing Crown-owned buildings and land. 

Please note this is an extremely dangerous area for the general public – there are natural hazards present and heavy machinery may be in use.


Last Updated: 2 March 2017