We investigate and process applications for property interests over coastal reclaimed land under the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011.

Coastal reclaimed land is land that was formerly below the line of high-tide but is now above this line thanks to reclamation work. This land can include port developments, airport runway extensions, and marinas. Reclaimed land does not include land that forms as a result of natural processes, or structures such as breakwaters or sea walls.

If you are the developer of reclaimed coastal land, you can apply for various property interests in the land, ranging from freehold to interests such as a lease, licence, or an easement. We process these applications on behalf of the Minister for Land Information, with the final decision being made by the Minister or their delegate.

The application process

To be eligible to apply for an interest in reclaimed land, you must first obtain all necessary resource consents for the reclamation from the relevant local councils.

Once these consents have been granted, you can apply for freehold or another interest in the land at any time. This application may be before you begin the reclamation work, or after the reclamation has been completed.

The application process falls into two stages:

Stage One

The Minister for Land Information (or their delegate) will determine whether or not to grant you an interest in the reclaimed land and, if so, how much you will need to pay to the Crown and any other terms and conditions.

Stage Two

Once the reclamation has been completed and surveyed, you can then apply to have the interest in the reclaimed land finalised. If the Minister is satisfied with your application, and you have met any conditions imposed in Stage One, then, depending on the interest granted, we will create a computer freehold register or enter in to a formal lease or easement arrangement. This will be publicly notified.

Making an application

You need to provide a range of information in support of your application. This information is explained on the last page of the Reclaimed Land Frequently Asked Questions document (available to download below).

In making a determination, the Minister (or their delegate) must consider the matters set out in section 36(2) of the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011. We recommend you look at this section to ensure your application contains the information required. If you believe that matters raised in this section are not applicable to your case, please provide clear reasons in your written application for the Minister to consider.

All applications should be made in writing to:

Group Manager Crown Property
Land Information New Zealand
Private Bag 5501
Wellington 6145


There is a range of application fees, which vary depending on the sort of application you make. These fees are set out in the Reclaimed Land Frequently Asked Questions document attached at the bottom of the page.

In addition, you will have to pay consideration, if your application is successful. This may include payment for any freehold interest, rent or other charge. We will obtain an independent valuation of the Crown’s interest in the land, which will inform the Minister’s determination.


The time taken will depend on the complexity of your application, the standard of the information you provide and the amount of work required by us to process it. There is no statutory timeframe within which an application for consent must be determined.