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New Zealand has spectacular landscapes and unique flora and fauna, which is why biosecurity is a priority for Land Information New Zealand. Protecting our land from plant and animal threats preserves the distinctive character of these landscapes and ecosystems. Biosecurity helps New Zealand get the most out of this land – socially, culturally and economically.

Our biosecurity work is diverse.

  • We carry out regular pest control on land under our management.
  • We monitor previous control efforts allowing us to plan and prioritise future work more effectively.
  • We contribute funding and strategic advice to multi-agency projects:
    • wilding conifer control at Mid Dome in Southland
    • New Zealand Wilding Conifer Management Strategy led by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Pests do not recognise property boundaries, so the key to our biosecurity work is collaboration. We plan our biosecurity programmes with reference to regional councils’ pest management plans. We try to coordinate our efforts with those of neighbouring landowners and other regional and central government agencies. We also work closely with local communities to keep them informed of control work in their area.

We do not carry out biosecurity work on land that has a pastoral lease. Pastoral lessees are responsible for managing weeds and pests on their leasehold properties.

Last Updated: 27 March 2020