Find out about the policies guiding our biosecurity work, and organisations we partner with

National and regional pest management plans are established under the Biosecurity Act 1993, which is the primary legislation underpinning Land Information New Zealand’s (LINZ’s) biosecurity obligations. The Ministry of Primary Industries is responsible for administering the Act.

The Land Act 1948 governs most of the land we administer. Under this legislation, the Commissioner of Crown Lands (CCL) has responsibility for the biosecurity of Crown-owned land. The CCL has delegated this responsibility to LINZ.

Each year, we develop an Annual Control Works Programme to target weeds and pests on land under our control. This sets out the work we plan to do at each location, and when.

View the Annual Control Works programme

We help develop national strategies to deal with various biosecurity issues. These strategies include:

Biosecurity partner

LINZ relies on experienced contractors to undertake biosecurity work in the field. Boffa Miskell Ltd (BML), a leading environmental consultancy, coordinates our biosecurity work.

We signed a long-term partnership agreement with BML in 2014. A partnership board made up of members from both organisations oversees the agreement.

BML manages all aspects of the weed control operations including:

  • Stakeholder consultation and communication
  • Tendering of control works contracts
  • Contractor management
  • Operational reporting


Last Updated: 6 March 2019