Find out about current and upcoming weed and pest control work

Effective pest management depends on collaboration. We consult with a range of interested groups when planning control programmes, including neighbouring landowners, district and regional councils, iwi, advocacy groups, and the local community.

Before undertaking any control work, we notify the public by:

  • putting up signs near the affected area
  • publishing notices in local newspapers
  • broadcasting notices local radio
  • posting information on this website.

Most of our control work is weather dependent, so advertised dates may change at short notice. We try to avoid carrying out any spraying on weekends or during public holidays.

The table below provides detailed information about our aquatic weed control work. You can find more information about all our biosecurity programmes in the related content.

Aquatic weed control status for lakes in New Zealand as at 23 April 2018

Control SiteScheduled date of control:Is this site safe to use today?Treatment was completed on:The site is safe to use from:
Lake Karapiro    
Mercury Domain to Horahora Domain11 April 2018Y11 April 201812 April 2018
Horahora Domain to Little Waipa Domain11 April 2018Y11 April 201812 April 2018
Lake Maraetai    
Adjoining Lake Road boat ramp9 April 2018Y9 April 201810 April 2018
Lake Ōkareka    
Boyes Beach30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Acacia Bay30 April 2018Yn/an/a
DOC Camp Beach Y  
Lake Rotoiti    
Gisborne Point30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Ōkere Inlet 30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Wairau Bay30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Okawa Bay30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Whangamoa Drive30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Lake Rotoehu    
Otautu Bay30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Kennedy Bay30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Lake Rotorua    
Kawaha Point30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Lake Rotoma    
Whangaroa Inlet boat ramp30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Lake Tarawera    
Boat Shed Bay30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Otumutu Lagoon/Humphries Bay30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Lake Okataina    
Tauranganui Bay/Public Boat Ramp30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Log Pool Bay30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Lake Benmore    
Ahuriri Delta14 May 2018Yn/an/a
Ahuriri Arm14 May 2018Yn/an/a
Sailors Cutting30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Ahuriri Neck30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Haldon Arm30 April 2018Yn/an/a
Lake Dunstan    
Bannockburn Inlet15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Bendigo boat ramp and approaches 15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Champagne Gully - Ramp and Ski Lane15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Cromwell Swimming Beach 15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Dairy Creek15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Devils Creek  15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Jackson’s15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Lowburn Boat Harbour15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Lowburn Inlet15 May 2018Yn/an/a
McNultys Inlet15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Northburn Ski Lane 15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Old Cromwell Town and Boat Ramps 15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Pisa Moorings15 May 2018Yn/an/a
South of Brewery Creek15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Weatherall and Burton Creek15 May 2018Yn/an/a
Lake Wanaka    
Roys Bay16 May 2018Yn/an/a
Paddock Bay16 May 2018Yn/an/a
Parkins Bay16 May 2018Yn/an/a
Stevensons Island16 May 2018Yn/an/a
Last Updated: 23 April 2018