Information about Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) hazard reduction and removal work on Watts Peninsula in Miramar, Wellington.

LINZ manages the land on behalf of the Crown.

On 9 August contractors will start maintenance on the site including clearing walkways and mowing grass areas. This is being done by Fulton Hogan.

In September 2021, LINZ will start hazard reduction and removal work on Crown land at Watts Peninsula. This map shows where the work will happen. This is being done by Treetech.

Map showing the area of hazard reduction work on the western side of Watts Peninsula
Map showing the area of hazard reduction work on the western side of Watts Peninsula.

The area doesn’t have public access, but we are aware that people do use the site for recreation.

The first stage of the work will involve contractors mowing the grass and cutting back paths in the area. This work is part of ongoing maintenance we undertake as kaitiaki of the area.

LINZ will start hazard reduction and removal of large stacks of logs several dangerous trees and overhanging dead wood on site. There are also some derelict structures on site that will be removed from the land. The map below shows where this work will happen.

It is important for the public’s safety and the safety of the workers on site that people don’t enter these areas as there will be dangerous and heavy machinery will be working.

Closed walkways

While the removal of the logs and trees happens we will need to close access to walkways on site. There will be clear signs warning people of the dangers and also people on site checking that no one goes on the site.

Contractors will use heavy machines to remove some of the hazards, so the Mag Road walkway will be closed to allow us to complete the work safely without any risk to the public. The site can still be accessed from Massey Memorial, Mount Crawford Prison and Fort Balance.

Firewood and mulch

There is an opportunity for people to come and collect the logs or mulch from a safe place on the site with the support of contractors. In the past community groups have chopped up logs and sold firewood for fundraising. Please email you interest to and we can pass this on to the contractors.


You can email if you have any additional comments.

Last Updated: 3 August 2021