This page contains information on height orders including the Tier and Class requirements for each.

Orders are classifications based on the quality of the coordinate in relation to the datum (Tier) and in relation to other surrounding marks (Class).

The horizontal position of a mark will be defined by a NZGD2000 or RSRGD2000 coordinate with its own horizontal Order.

The following table summarises the Tier and Class requirements for each Order.

OrderPurposeTier (95% CI, m)Class (95% CI)
Constant (m)
Class (95% CI)
​Proportional (m/m)
1VNational height network0.250.010.000 003
2V-0.350.010.000 01
3VCadastral vertical control0.350.020.000 1
4V- 15
5V-10.30.000 6

Order 6V has no accuracy upper accuracy limit, it contains all coordinates with an accuracy less than Order 5V.

Last Updated: 22 June 2016