Heights for more than 44,000 geodetic marks in terms of NZVD2016 (New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016) are available from Landonline and the geodetic database.

This means it will be much easier for surveyors to connect their surveys to marks in terms of the new national vertical datum.

Published NZVD2016 heights have been derived from a single least squares adjustment which combines all geodetic GNSS observations collected since the 90s, with the first order levelling networks. This means that published NZVD2016 heights are nationally consistent and have been assigned orders according to their appropriate tier and class.

NZVD2016 heights 3V or better can now be found at ~200m spacing in most urban areas. All heights available have been calculated prior to the Kaikoura Earthquakes 2016.

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Using NZVD 2016

The Surveyor-General encourages surveyors to use the new vertical datum for all surveys including cadastral surveys.

In some situations, the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 require heights to be in terms of an official vertical datum (refer to rule 4.3). As NZVD2016 is not yet an official vertical datum for cadastral surveys, when the rules require heights in terms of an official vertical datum, you will need to request a dispensation to use NZVD2016. This will be provided on request from the Office of the Surveyor-General.

Many more vertical marks of order 3V or better will now be visible in Landonline. Note that these are not vertical control marks (refer Ruling LINZR65303) unless they have a height of order 3V or better in terms of an official vertical datum for cadastral surveys (refer Ruling LINZR65301).

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About NZVD2016

NZVD2016 was released in June this year, and more information is available on the LINZ website.

LINZ has also produced a number of tools to provide access to the datum such as the online vertical datum converter.

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Last Updated: 21 November 2016