LINZ has commissioned or produced a series of geodetic technical reports which can be accessed from the table below. Note that the information and recommendations contained in these reports may not represent LINZ policy.


97/11Recommended transformation parameters from WGS84 to NZGD49 (PDF 167KB)1997
TR 2A Proposal for Geodetic Datum Development (PDF 194KB)1998
TR 3New Zealand Geodetic Strategic Business Plan (PDF 228KB)1998
TR 4Conversion Between Latitude and Longitude and New Zealand Map Grid (PDF 72KB)2003
TR 5Realisation of the New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000 (PDF 279KB)2000
TR 6Proposal for Continuous Access to the NZ Spatial Infrastructure (PDF 203KB)1999
TR 7Ross Dependency (Antarctica): Current and Future Geodetic Activities (PDF 235KB)1999
TR 8Proposal for Datum 2000 Meridional Circuits (PDF 83KB)1999
TR 9Principles for a Seabed Cadastre (PDF 37KB)1999
TR 10A Proposal for Vertical Datum Development in New Zealand (PDF 1MB)2001
TR 12New Zealand Geodetic Operations 1995-98 (PDF 442KB)1999
TR 13Development of Transformation Parameters from NZGD49 to NZGD2000 (PDF 772KB)2001
TR 14Transformation Parameters from Chatham Islands 1979 to NZGD2000 (PDF 1MB)2000
TR 15Realisation of Ross Sea Region Geodetic Datum 2000 (PDF 1.65 MB)2000
TR 16Preferred Option for Development of a National Vertical Reference System (PDF 53KB)2001
TR 17Options for Automated Processing of GPS Continuous Tracking Data (PDF 221.36 KB)2003
TR 18New Zealand Geodetic Operations 1999-2002 (PDF 1.06 MB)2003
TR 20Implementation of a Deformation Model for NZGD2000 (PDF 173KB)2003
-New Zealand Vertical Datum: 2004/05 Milestone 6b Completion Report (PDF 1MB)2005
1973/32Definition of New Zealand Map Grid (PDF 230KB)1973
1978/1First-Order Geodetic Triangulation of New Zealand 1909-49, 1973-74 (PDF 9MB)1978
-Consultancy Services for Coordinates for PositioNZonLine (PDF 1MB)2008
-Economic Issues Regarding LINZ Conversion of its Precision Reference Network to Real Time Status (PDF 97KB)2009
-Computation of a New Gravimetric Quasigeoid Model for New Zealand (PDF 2MB)2009
-Airborne Gravity for Improved Vertical Datum Report (PDF 959KB)2011
CR2012-164Darfield Earthquake Geodetic Investigations Final Report (including recalculated secular deformation model) (PDF bytes)2012
-Investigations in support of PositionNZ-PP (including station prediction models and ITRF-NZGD2000 transformation)2013
-NZGD2000 Deformation Model Format (PDF 488KB)2017
-Transforming between ITRF and NZGD2000 (PDF 598KB)2017


Last Updated: 9 May 2017