A step-by-step guide for connecting LDS Web Map Service (WMS) in ArcGIS Desktop.


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Accessing LDS web services

The first step in accessing LDS web services is to create a web services or API key. These keys are codes (such as abcdefgh123456789) unique to each LDS user, and are used to simplify the process of accessing web services.

How to use LDS Web Map Services (WMS) in ArcGIS Desktop

The following process for accessing LDS Web Map Services in ArcGIS is performed using ArcGIS Desktop10.5.

  1. Open ArcCatalog, under the Catalog Tree expand GIS Servers and double click on Add WMS Server:
    Screenshot of Catalog window showing 'Add WMS Server' button
  2. In the URL field of the Add WMS Server window, enter the WMS URL you copied from the Services tab of your chosen dataset in LDS. For example, the WMS URL for the NZ Topo50 Maps dataset is:

    Then click Get Layers:
    Screenshot of &#039;Add WMS Server&#039; window
  3. Click OK. (There’s no need to enter a username and password as the LINZ Data Service knows you’re a registered user from your API key.) The LINZ Data Service WMS layer will now be available in the Catalog Tree:
  4. Open ArcMap and add the layer or layers you want to your ArcMap session:
    Screenshot showing ArcMap session window

Tip: Defining the map projection

By default, if you do not define a coordinate system for the map, the WMS layer will be unprojected using WGS84. To ensue your map is projected first time around, you may want to set your desired coordinate system (e.g. NZTM2000) before adding any WMS layers to the map.

If the map has no projection defined, complete the following steps.

  1. To change the projection right click the data frame name and choose Properties
  2. Select the Coordinate System tab and select New Zealand Transverse Mercator:
    Screenshot of &#039;Data Frame Properties&#039; window
    The map will now be projected in Arcmap according to the NZTM projection:
    Screenshot of ArcMap window
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Last Updated: 
11 May 2020