Find out about the basics of our pending approval parcels data and who can access it.

Through the LINZ Data Service, councils can access cadastral parcel data that has been submitted by surveyors as part of Cadastral Survey Datasets to LINZ for review and approval, but has not yet been approved as to survey by LINZ.

We’ve designed these datasets to assist councils in the planning and management of addresses, resource consents and other land management processes, by providing information on possible cadastral boundary changes prior to their formal approval by LINZ.

Data access

Important: Due to the unconfirmed status of this data, these datasets are only accessible to councils and their approved contractors. Requests by any other parties will be denied.

To access to this data, see our information on the LINZ Licence for Pending Approval Data.

Once parcels have been approved as to survey by LINZ, they can be found in the NZ Parcels dataset.

Data model

Three related datasets provide pending approval data:

Join these datasets for more information about the parcels pending approval, including the latest date the data was submitted to LINZ for approval.

The same attributes and relationships apply as for the official approved versions of these datasets (NZ Parcels and NZ Survey Affected Parcels List). These are described in the Property and Ownership Simplified Data Dictionary.

Frequently asked questions

If the parcels progress to Approved, do they keep the same ‘id’?

Except in the very rare case of an error, for the NZ Parcels Pending Approval Parcel dataset, the parcel id (‘id’) will remain the same for any one plan that gets requisitioned/submitted several times.

Are pending parcel geometries subject to adjustments the same as a live parcel?

Pending parcels are subject to adjustments but this can only occur after the plan is Approved as to Survey.

Can I link pending parcels to titles? 

Current titles cannot be linked to pending parcels, however as part of the capture process, new titles for new parcels are pre-allocated and then linked to the pending parcel by the Surveyor in preparation of a dealing to register parcels.

Can pending parcels have associated statutory actions?

Pending parcels must be Approved as to Survey before they can have Statutory Actions recorded against them. Vestings are recorded against pending parcels when the parcel is created and are captured under the Parcel Intent field, e.g.  “Vesting Upon Deposit for Road”.

Can a parcel with a status of ‘Approved as to Survey’ have its status put back to pending?

This is extremely rare and is not recommended.

How does parcel data with a status of ‘pending’ approval relate to the council sub-division consenting process?

When a surveyor submits the cadastral survey dataset to LINZ for approval they can also opt to send the data to the relevant council to support the 223 certification process (Section 223 of the Resource Management Act). As with the NZ Parcels Pending Approval dataset, this data provides Council with an indication of a possible change in cadastral boundary movement only. The data is subject to change prior to being ‘Approved as to Survey’, and is only suitable for consideration for Council consenting purposes once it has been approved by LINZ.

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11 October 2018