Which web service should I use?

Learn the basics of LDS web services and APIs to help you choose the service to best suit your needs.

For more technical users, our web services and APIs allow you to easily get data from LDS into your application.  You can get real-time access to the most up to date data you need, when you need it, without having to manually download the data.

Web services and APIs supported on LDS

Web Feature Services (WFS)

Web Feature Services (WFS) allow you to pull  LDS vector (point, line and polygon) and tabular data into your application. We support WFS versions 1.0.0, 1.1.0 and 2.0.0 OGC web services.

WFS Changesets

Our WFS Changeset service allows you to grab just the data that has changed between updates rather than the whole dataset and ensures you always have the most recent LINZ data in your database.

XYZ and Web Map Tile Services (WMTS)

We provide XYZ and OGC Web Map Tile Services for easy integration  of our tiled ratser data into your GIS, web or mobile application. Web Map Tile Services (WMTS) can be used in GIS and web clients, while XYZ tile services are recommended for use in web and mobile applications.

Tile services are available for our aerial photos, topographic maps, hydrographic chart images and property boundaries.

Web Map Service

Web Map Services (WMS) – an earlier standard for the viewing of raster data - is supported for some legacy LDS datasets, including our Topographic maps and Hydrographic Chart images.

WMS will not be supported for any new raster data published on LDS. WMTS is our preferred method for the delivery of raster web services.

Catalogue Web Service

Sometimes you may need access to metadata records for LDS data. Here you can use our OGC Catalogue Web Service (CS-W).

Query API

This API allows you to query data on LDS. See the Koordinates Support site for an introduction to the Query API for non-technical users.

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Last Updated: 
11 October 2018