Land Information New Zealand works with councils, regional consortiums and response agencies to acquire and publish aerial imagery of New Zealand.

We have developed and implemented a coordinated approach to the acquisition and dissemination of imagery that improves its ease of access and use, achieves better value for public sector investments, enables better decisions to be made by all sectors of society and drives economic growth.

For more information on imagery acquisition, coordination and distribution, please contact

Rural aerial imagery

We work with regional consortiums that procure rural aerial imagery. This ensures open licensing of public sector aerial imagery acquisitions. We have also developed an orthophotography acquisition specification, available to download below, to ensure that these datasets are procured to a common specification.

Urban aerial imagery

We publish urban aerial imagery to ensure that it is disseminated consistently along with rural aerial imagery.

Satellite imagery

We procure and publish annual satellite imagery mosaics, using imagery sourced from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-2B satellites, which is freely available under an open access license.

Historical aerial photos

We have partnerships with regional councils in order to scan the Crown historical aerial photo archive.

National emergency response imagery

We work with response agencies to help coordinate the capture and distribution of aerial imagery during an emergency, which can help assess the event and inform recovery.

Previous examples of this include:

•   Kaikoura Earthquake Aerial Photos (2016) on LDS
•   Christchurch Earthquake Aerial Photos (2011) on LDS

Last Updated: 20 July 2021