Datagrid NZ Ltd Partnership application for Overseas Investment consent

This OIA response provides the OIO’s Assessment Report Datagrid New Zealand Limited Partnership’s application for consent to acquire sensitive land and significant business assets under the Overseas Investment Act 2005.

Datagrid New Zealand Limited Partnership (Datagrid) sought consent to acquire approximately 42.8167 hectares of sensitive land in Makarewa (the Land), Southland. Datagrid intends to develop a hyperscale data centre on the land, for which the total expenditure expected to be incurred before developing data centre exceeds $100 million.

This assessment report summarises Datagrid’s proposed development and claimed benefits and the OIO’s assessment of the application.

As a result of the OIO’s assessment, the OIO, under its delegation in the Designation and Delegation Letter dated 17 October 2018, granted consent to Datagrid to acquire the land to develop a hyperscale data centre.

Last Updated: 27 June 2022