Leases and licences

Leases and licences are two common ways of granting someone the right to use our property.

A licence is usually a short-term right to occupy a property for a particular purpose, and it does not give any right to exclusive occupation. Other forms of short-term rights to use our properties are also available.

A lease is a longer-term right and can give the lessee the exclusive use of the property. Lease agreements may include rights of renewal, and provisions for reviewing the rent over the term of the lease.

If the property you are interested in is available for use, we will work with you to identify whether a lease, licence or other form of right is appropriate. Fees and rents may be payable.

Depending on the property, we may need to consult with other parties or consider the rights of other users before making a decision on your application.  

If you wish to apply for a lease or a licence to use one of our properties, you should contact us at