Helping you navigate changes to CPLA

Changes to the Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998 (CPLA) go into effect on 17 November 2022. To help you navigate these changes, we have created a series of guides designed to make the updated consent process and decision making easier to understand and navigate.

Document Detail
The approach used to identify and assess inherent values of Crown Property arising from its cultural, heritage, ecological, landscape and scientific attributes
Pastoral activities that do not require written consent
Pastoral activities that require written consent
Pastoral activities that should never be undertaken
What’s required if you need to take immediate action without prior written consent in situations such as earthquake, flood, fire or landslide
The step-by-step process for gaining consent for discretionary pastoral activities (those requiring written consent)
How proposed pastoral activities will be assessed and evaluated for level of impact, from ‘no more than minor’ to ‘more than minor’
How we determine if we have enough information to adequately approve an application
Information on how reasonable alternatives to proposed pastoral activities are considered in the application process
Our requirements and process for publishing summaries of decisions

We hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions please consult your portfolio manager.

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