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Change to Gazette references

A move to online publication of the NZ Gazette has made it necessary to change the way we reference Gazette Notices in LINZ records.

LINZ has traditionally referenced Gazette Notices by quoting the year of publication in the NZ Gazette and the page number on which the Notice appears.  However, a recent move to online publication of the NZ Gazette, using unique notice numbers rather than page numbers, has made it necessary for LINZ to find an alternative way of referencing Notices.

Consequently, new references in LINZ records will quote the notice number instead of the page number.  The year will continue to be referenced as before.

This change will apply to Notices published from 20 October 2014 (when the NZ Gazette began to be published without page numbers).

Notices published before 20 October will continue to be referenced by the page number.


It will take some time before Landonline can be changed to provide for the new referencing system.  Until a long-term solution has been developed, Gazette references in Landonline’s spatial record will look the same, e.g. “Gaz 2014 p 362”.  However, the end portion of each reference may be the notice number, depending on when the Notice was published.  In most cases it will be obvious from the year – Gazette Notices earlier than 2014 are referenced by page number.  Note that this issue only applies to Gazette Notices recorded as statutory actions against relevant parcels in our spatial database.  Gazette Notices published from 20 October 2014 and lodged for registration will be memorialised in terms of the new referencing system.

For Notices published from 2014 onwards, it may be necessary to check the Gazette Office’s website to ascertain whether a number quoted in the Landonline spatial record relates to the page number or the Notice number.  This website provides for users to search Notices by entering either the page number or the notice number. A Notice also has 2 alpha characters prefixing the numbers but the notice can be retrieved from the online Gazette with or without the 2 alphas.  A search by keyword is also available.  If the Notice is not found by using the “page number” option, then it is likely that the number relates to the “notice number”, and vice versa.

Cadastral survey datasets (CSDs)

Gazette references in cadastral survey datasets should preferably use the format “Gaz [year], p [page number]” or Gaz [year], LN [notice number] as applicable.

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