You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Connecting to Landonline FAQs

This page contains some common questions about accessing Landonline and provides answers and references to further information.

What Internet connection options do I have?

We strongly recommend that you use a broadband connection to connect to Landonline. The advantage of using broadband is increased responsiveness and the ability to download large files in much shorter time. 

For more information, see Landonline internet and network requirements.

How do I configure my firewall or proxy server?

See Firewalls and proxy servers – configuration tips for configuration information.

What is Citrix?

Citrix is the technology that allows customers to access the Landonline application via the Internet.

The ICA protocol was developed by Citrix and is optimised for transferring information to and from Citrix servers and Citrix clients. ICA minimises network traffic by transferring only screen updates, keystrokes and mouse clicks between the server and the client. The actual data and applications are running on the server rather than the client, and therefore are not transferred.

What Internet browsers can be used to access Landonline?

As a general principle we recommend using the latest version of Internet Explorer. For more information on internet browsers please refer to Landonline Software Requirements.

Note that the default configuration of Internet Explorer may need to be changed to achieve a successful connection – see Enabling Landonline to run with your browser.

Also see Common Landonline error messages and connection issues.