Depicting the relationship between a non-primary parcel and its underlying parcel

Rule 10.4.2(e)(i) of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 requires a Diagram of Parcels to depict the spatial relationship between each non-primary parcel and its entire underlying parcel.

This requires the Diagram of Parcels to depict sufficient boundaries (and in some cases all of the boundaries) of the underlying parcel to ensure that the relative location and extent of the non-primary parcel as it relates to the entire underlying parcel is clear and unambiguous.

Users of these diagrams may not be experts in interpreting plan data. Therefore, the title diagrams must be sufficient to enable these users to readily recognise how the non-primary parcel impacts on its underlying parcel. Some easement/covenant-only CSDs lodged with LINZ have depicted the non-primary parcel in relation to a single underlying parcel boundary. While this locates the non-primary parcel in respect to an underlying parcel boundary, it does not depict the non-primary parcel’s relative location and extent in relation to the entire underlying parcel.

One way of complying with this rule is to depict the non-primary parcel and the whole underlying parcel in a separate smaller scale location diagram.