A water boundary or irregular boundary in Landonline is recorded as an irregular line (a series of coordinated vertices) between two end points (nodes).

Some surveyors are capturing ties to intermediate points along water or irregular boundaries in their CSDs. Although survey work may have been undertaken to fix points along these boundaries, these intermediate points are not required to be captured in a CSD. Neither the Rules nor Landonline require them.

In some cases, especially in non-SDC areas, the underlying water or irregular boundary depicted in Landonline will be inaccurate. Adopting such a boundary in a new CSD may require capture (digitisation) from an existing plan. It may involve the capture of ties or offsets to intermediate points. Once again, while these ties may be valuable for the accurate adoption of the boundary, they do not need to be included in the CSD.

In both cases, the new and more accurate irregular boundary lines will replace the lines that are in Landonline when the CSD is registered. Before linking in a non-SDC area, surveyors may need to invoke the exception process to better position any inaccurate Landonline nodes.

Capturing two vectors to each end point of the irregular line will be sufficient to enable the boundary to be accurately depicted on the Diagram of Survey [to comply with rules 9.6.7 & 9.6.8] and the Diagram of Parcels [to comply with rules 10.4.2(d), 10.4.5 & 10.4.6], as well as in Landonline.

If, however, connections to intermediate boundary points are captured in the CSD, those intermediate points need to have a minimum of two vectors connected to them [rules 8.1(d) and (e)]. One way of achieving this is by calculating vectors between adjacent points. In addition, separate irregular boundary lines should be created between adjacent intermediate points, rather than having a single line that passes over them.

Future surveyors will be able to re-establish the position of these boundaries using the positions of the end points (as defined by the vectors) and the irregular line recorded between those points. This irregular line data can be obtained by loading a LandXML file extracted from Landonline into surveying software. Only data that is reliably defined in an e-survey can be confidently used in this manner.

Surveyors can include additional details of the survey fixes to water boundaries in a supporting document if they wish.

The survey report should include details of the accuracy of water boundaries or irregular boundaries and the method used to define them [refer to rules 8.2(a)(iv) & (xii), and 3.4].