The requisition item for ‘Adopted Information does not match source’ (M19C) has consistently featured in the Top 10 Requisitions.

The Rules require adopted information to be copied without change [Rule 8.4 Adopted information to match source]. Copying information from Landonline may not meet this requirement.

The pre-validation report gives warnings (C445, C455 and C483) where captured vectors do not match the latest vectors held in Landonline. These tests will not validate an adoption where Landonline does not already hold a vector and will not test correctly when the Landonline vector has been incorrectly captured.

The survey report must include an assessment of any warnings reported at pre-validation and actions taken to address them.

The source used for adoptions should be the CSD that measured or calculated the information being adopted, rather than a CSD that merely adopted it from a previous CSD.

When adopting a bearing that has had a correction applied to it, some surveyors may choose to adopt from the earlier CSD and apply a bearing correction, while others may choose to adopt from the later CSD that made the correction. Both of these scenarios are acceptable providing the vector is adopted without change and the correct adopted source is referenced.

If the pre-validation report shows a warning, the Cadastral Vectors layer can be used to determined which CSDs have previously captured that vector. To do this, activate the Cadastral Vectors layer in the spatial view [found under ‘Vectors’ in the ‘All Layers’ tab]. Select the vector that you wish to interrogate, drag and drop it into the tree on the left hand side. You can then double click on the vector in the tree to see the history recorded in Landonline. This will show which CSDs have used the vector, the values they used and the horizontal projection of the bearings.