Determination of life estate or lease for life applications on death of life tenant/lessee

Applications for determination of life estates or leases for life on death can be prepared through e-dealing.

Preparing the transmission

  • In the Prepare Transmission screen, the current default Transmission Type is Survivorship. When creating a transmission against a life estate title, initially the following message displays.

    (Note that the dealing steps down to Lodge when the life estate title is added to the dealing.)
    Prepare Transmission screen - message
  • Click OK on the message
  • Change the Transmission Type to Determination of Life Estate or Lease for Life on Death in the Transmission Type field
  • Check "Affected Owner" checkbox for deceased person
  • Enter the Applicant name, e.g. the remaining owner already named on the title


  • When the Preview button is clicked, the following message displays:

    Message 28377


  • Click Yes to continue (this is advising that there are two estates with different ownership and the instrument will be viewed and approved by LINZ Processing staff)
  • The following message displays:

    Message 28342


  • Click Yes to continue (add text is not required and the instrument has already updated to Complex/Exception mode)


  • The instrument will fail pre-validation for the following reason:

    Pre-validation report failure


  • Cancel from the Pre-validation Report

Certify and sign

  • The instrument can be certified and signed in the normal manner

Viewing the signed transmission

  • The signed transmission will display as follows:

    Viewing the signed transmission


Submitting the dealing

  • When submitting the dealing, the following warning message displays:

    Message 28186


  • Click OK to continue

    Pre-validation Report - Continue Submit


  • Click Continue Submit

LINZ will process the dealing and a Registration Confirmation notice will be sent out when the dealing is registered.

Last Updated: 12 November 2018