Instruments should not contain personal information and correspondence

Personal information should not be included as part of an e-dealing instrument to be registered.

This also includes any earlier correspondence with LINZ.

Instruments registered in Landonline form part of the public register and are available for searching by the public (with payment of the appropriate fee).

Examples of the types of personal information that should not be included are:

  • Bank account numbers/details.
  • Rates information.
  • Parole orders.
  • Property relationship orders.
  • Identity documents (drivers licences, passports).

Before submitting an e-dealing for registration, please check the instruments and any images attached, then ask yourself, is the information contained in the instrument required for registration and would your client want that information available in searches?

LINZ staff ensure any personal information and correspondence is not scanned with manually lodged instruments where it is not required for registration.