LINZ aims to record transferees and mortgagees on the title exactly as customers want them.

Most approved LINZ forms and other commercially available forms request that surnames are underlined.

While some forms may specify 'Surnames underlined or in capitals', using capitals can cause confusion and allow names to be misrepresented on the title.

Some names, for example MacKenzie, could be recorded as MacKenzie or Mackenzie, or MacKay as Mackay.

As well, company names need to be shown with the correct spacing and punctuation, such as B.A.M Limited or B. A. M. Limited.

To minimise confusion, LINZ prefers transferees and mortgagees to be shown in your documents as they are to be shown on the title. We recommend underlining surnames and avoiding capitals, except placed exactly where you want them.

When in doubt, a covering letter is always welcome.

The pre-validation function in Landonline notifies the user of any discrepancies between the registered owner and transferor or transferee and mortgagor. There are also quickcodes for mortgagees that ensure perfect spelling every time.

How to request a correction:

In the event that LINZ has not correctly captured a name from an instrument, you can request a correction. Do this by creating a Request (type: Titles - Correction) in your Landonline Workspace.

For other corrections refer to the Applications to Correct or Change Names in the Register Guideline 2018 - LINZG20780. Background information is available here.

Last Updated: 3 December 2018