Workspace displays every time you log on to Landonline. Here's how to navigate it.

Workspace has three main areas:

  • Workspace Toolbar
    Use the icons in the Workspace Toolbar to access parts of Landonline.
  • Workspace Tree
    Expand the Workspace Tree to access transactions and messages.
  • Workspace Detail panel
    Use the Workspace Detail panel to view transactions and messages.

Workspace's three main areas


Workspace Tree

The Workspace Tree lists all work being prepared under your firm’s Landonline account. Work displays in four folders:

  • My Work

My Work icon Displays all work for which you are a Primary Contact.

  • Supervised Work

Supervised Work icon Displays the names of all Primary Contacts who are working on e-dealings for which you are the Conveyancing Professional.

  • All Work

All Work icon Displays the names of all people in your firm with a Landonline Digital Certificate.
To see the work a person is involved with, expand the tree.

  • My Messages

Mail icon Displays a list of messages sent to you about transactions. These messages can have attachments.

My Mail icon My Messages indicates a message has been added to your My Messages folder.


Refresh Workspace

You can refresh Workspace at any time to display the latest information and messages:

  1. Select View | Refresh.


Last Updated: 5 October 2020