How to search for a paper survey to certify.

In Workspace:

  1. Click Tick Note icon or
  2. Select Survey | TA Certificate.

Search Landonline for a paper survey plan requiring TA Certification.

In the TA Certification screen:

  1. Click Search button to display the Find TA Certification Work screen.
  2. Type your search criteria (eg either the survey number as supplied by the surveyor or the surveyor's user Id).
  3. Click Search Now button to display the results in the Search Results area.
  4. Choose a result from the Search Results area and click Select button Landonline minimises the Find TA certification Work screen and displays the details of the selected survey plan in the TA Certification screen.
  5. Save the record to create the work in Workspace.


Info icon Info: There must be a space between the plan prefix and the plan number in the Survey Number field.