All TA Certification work is initially assigned to your Territorial Authority account and displays in your Unassigned Work folder in Workspace.

Before certification can begin each TA Certification work must be assigned to a TA user.

In Workspace:

  1. Expand the Unassigned Work folder and double click a TA Certification work to display the details in the TA Certification screen.
  2. Click Search button next to the Assigned User field in the TA Certification Details area to display the External Search screen.
    • Enter your search criteria (eg Family Name)
    • Click Search Now button to display the results in the Search Results area.
    • Choose a name from the Search Results area and click Select button to display the name in the Assigned User field. The status of the work is now Under Action.
  3. Enter the TA Reference for this TA Certification.
  4. Click OK button to save.


Info icon Info:
  • All work assigned to you displays in your My Work folder in Workspace.
  • You can assign work to yourself or other users in the firm. A TA user must assign work to a contractor, they cannot assign work to themselves.


Last Updated: 5 October 2020