A surveyor can create a package of certificates for TA Certification.

In the TA Certification tab of the Manage Survey Transaction screen:

  1. Select the TA Name and check the Certification Required checkbox.
  2. Click Certification... to display the Manage TA Certification screen.
  3. Select the package in the tree.
  4. Select the name of each certificate to include in the package.
  5. Click Add Certificates button to add the selected certificates to the package.
  6. Select the first certificate in the tree.
  7. Enter the value in the Field Value field (if applicable) and press Tab. Repeat for other values for the certificate as required. The details display in the Certificates Preview area.
  8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for each certificate.
  9. To change the order of certificates, select the certificate in the tree and click Move Up button or Move Down button until it is in the correct order.


Prepare a TA Certification package - process