How to capture irregular boundaries.

Load an irregular boundary image

In Survey Capture:

  1. Select Search | Spatial View to open the Spatial Display.
  2. Select Capture | Irregular Boundaries | Load Irregular Boundary Image.
  3. Find the irregular boundary image file and open it.


Specify the start and end marks for the irregular boundary

In the Spatial Display:

  1. Make the Captured Marks layer active:
    • Check the Captured Marks layer check box.
    • Click Display Captured Marks icon to display captured marks.
  2. Specify the Start and End marks for the irregular boundary:
    • Select Capture | Irregular Boundaries | Capture Irregular Boundary.
    • Click to select the Start mark and click Play icon.
    • Click to select the End mark and click Play icon.


Create the irregular boundary in Landonline

In the Spatial Display:

  1. Make the image layer (eg User Image 1) active.
    • Check the image layer check box to make it active.
    • Click Display Captured Marks icon and click Play icon.
  2. Digitise the irregular boundary from the loaded image:
    • Click the start point and then click points along the irregular boundary image.
    • Double click the end point of the irregular boundary image.
  3. View the irregular boundary in the e-survey:
    • Check the Captured Parcel Bdy Lines layer check box.
    • Click Display Captured Marks icon.


Info icon Info: Irregular boundaries load, by default, into the Primary layer. The layer can be changed in the Line Layer screen.