How to display the search views in Landonline.

Navigate the search tree

In Searches:

  1. Click Expand icon to expand the search item.
  2. Expand other folders to display the item you require.
  3. Double click the item to display your selected view.

Note: Fees are incurred when you open (double click) a title, plan or instrument image.

Remove items from the search tree

To remove items from the search tree without having to close the search window, right click on an item in the tree and remove it.

You can also remove all items from a particular folder (eg. titles) and this will remove all the items under that folder. 

Note: If, on the same day, you re-add the item(s) that you previously removed, and again view or print the same products - you will initially be charged a second fee. This will be waived from your invoice as a duplicate charge (as long as the client ref is the same).

Last Updated: 12 November 2018