How to submit an e-dealing for registration.

To submit an e-dealing for registration:

  1. Make sure the status of each instrument in the e-dealing is Released.
    • An instrument is usually released from the Workspace screen.
  2. Either:
    • Select Dealing | Submit in Workspace; or
    • Click Submit button in the Create Dealing screen.
  3. Review the fees for the e-dealing in the Indicative Fee Charges screen.
    Add notes to fee items if required.
  4. Click OK button to display the Post Registration Search screen.
  5. Request any search products you require for titles or instruments in the e-dealing.
  6. Click Submit with Selected Searches button or Submit with No Searches button to submit the e-dealing.

Note: An Auto Reg transaction is removed from Workspace when it has been submitted because registration is instantaneous.

Note: A Lodge transaction will move to the Lodged folder until registration is completed (refer to B1 for information on the Lodged folder).

Submit an e-dealing - process

It is recommended you pre-validate the e-dealing before you submit it.

If a pending dealing affects the titles in the e-dealing, you can choose to queue it. Your e-dealing will be processed when the pending dealing is registered, rejected or withdrawn.

Post Registration Search is not an instant service and may take up to 24 hours. Standard Search fees will apply.