B7 Create and send a request from Workspace

You can create a request for title related matters from Workspace.

  1. Click Create Request icon to display the Create Request screen.
  2. Select the type of request in the Request Type field.
  3. Enter the dealing number in the Dealing Number field or select the number from the drop down list (if required).
  4. Enter or change the Client Reference(s) for the request, if required. Any client references previously entered for the selected e-dealing display here.
  5. Change the name of the Contact Person (if required) and check the Email, Mobile Phone and Fax details are correct. You can change this information, if required
    • If the name of the Contact Person does not display in the drop down list, enter the person’s name and complete the Email, Mobile, Phone or Fax fields as appropriate.
  6. Complete the following fields, as required. (The fields that display depend on the type of request.)
    • Click in the Title Reference field to display the Enter Titles screen and select the titles affected by the request.
    • Enter the date of settlement for the e-dealing in the Settlement Date field.
    • Enter details about the request in the Notes/Comments field (if applicable). You can enter up to 2000 characters in this field.
    • Check the Select checkbox in the Instruments area for each instrument you want to withdraw from the e-dealing.
  7. Perform any other actions for the request if required:
    • Click Attachments button to attach the image of a letter.  Attached Images icon (paperclip) (Paper Clip) indicates that there is an image attached.
    • Click Print button to print a copy of the request.
    • Click Save button to save the request.
  8. Click to Send button send the request.


To create and send a request in the Create Dealing screen:

  1. Select Dealing | Requests to display the Select Request screen. Any uncompleted requests linked to this e-dealing display in this screen.
  2. Click  to display the Create Request screen.
    • To open an existing request linked to this e-dealing, select the request and click to display the Create Request screen.
  3. Follow the steps in Create and Send a Request from Workspace to complete and send the request.

The Dealing Number defaults to the current e-dealing.

If the request is not linked to the current e-dealing, enter a different dealing number or select the dealing number from the drop down list.


Delete a request

In Workspace

  1. Select the request in the Workspace Tree.
  2. Select Request | Delete.

In the Select Request screen

  1. Select the request in the list.
  2. Click Delete Request button.


Select Request screen


In the Create Request screen, the Settlement Date is a guideline for LINZ only and does not guarantee that the request will be completed by this date. The date entered cannot be more than 60 days in the future.

There are two title correction request types:

  • Titles - Correction - use when the correction is not urgent. It is optional to link this request to an e-dealing, but it must be linked to a title.
  • Titles - Correction Prevents Registration - use when an error will prevent settlement or prevent registration of the e-dealing. You must link this request to an e-dealing.


Create and send a request from Workspace - process


Last Updated: 12 November 2018