Landonline allows for the extraction and importing of survey data using LandXML file format.

For detailed information about LandXML and its interaction with Landonline, see Capturing - XML.

LandXML reference documents to support the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021

The following documents have been prepared to provide surveyors and LandXML developers using LandXML files with all the required information to produce compliant LandXML files in survey software and Landonline.

For all extract information download:
Landonline and LandXML extract (PDF 121KB)

For all import information download:
Landonline and LandXML import (PDF 564KB)

LINZ has produced the Cadastral Survey Data Exchange Format document, which is primarily for developers and lists the LandXML elements applicable to Landonline:
Cadastral Survey Data Exchange Format document (PDF 1MB)

A compliant LandXML file will need to contain specific enumerations that map to Landonline values upon import. For a list of the enumerations and mappings, download:
LandXML - Landonline Enumeration Mappings applicable to Landonline (PDF 467KB)

LandXML and illegal characters

For information about illegal characters other than alphanumeric characters that LandXML will not accept, see Impact of use of illegal characters in LandXML files.

Viewing LandXML exports in Quantum GIS

Developed by LINZ, the LandXML plugin allows you to import LandXML extracts from Landonline into the commonly used GIS application Quantum GIS for easy visualisation and analysis.


LandXML frequently asked questions

3D Cadastral Survey Data Model and Exchange Project

LINZ is leading a project to develop a common standard to enable the digital exchange of cadastral survey information between the survey industry and government land administration agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

The 3D Cadastral Survey Data Model and Exchange project will look to recommend an option or options for data transfer that best meets the future needs for Australian and New Zealand cadastral systems.  The project recognises that surveyors require freedom to conduct cadastral surveys, collect data and prepare information for lodgement in a digital package, independent of static plan image formats.

3D Cadastral Survey Data Model and Exchange project

Last Updated: 1 March 2022