What to do if you are carrying out a dealing for a new title.

LINZ staff cannot change the order of instruments, the instrument code or amend/add title references once they have been electronically lodged. 

If instruments have not been entered in the correct order with the correct code and all relevant titles in the 'Create Dealing' screen, they will be rejected.

Steps you can take to avoid this happening:

  1. Always check that your instruments display in the 'Create Dealing' screen in the order they should be registered with the correct code (Type) and no titles have been omitted.
  2. Multi Order for New Certificate Title (OCTN) instruments are not required if they are for the same LT plan. Prepare one OCTN instrument for all new titles and legal descriptions shown on your LT plan where possible. By doing it this way, the instrument will be processed much quicker.
  3. Lodge one OCTN where possible.
  4. Unit developments – unit titles are issued off the Application to Deposit the Unit Plan (UAPP), therefore an OCTN is not required.

Please note that an OCTN does not need to be signed by the client or witnessed. The solicitor signs the OCTN electronically, which equates to the same as signing a paper OCTN.

Last Updated: 25 May 2018