This page contains the article TA e-certification checklist for surveyors.

As a follow-up to the article North Shore City works with surveyors to make TA e-certification tick in last month's Landwrap, below is a checklist for surveyors who want to send their surveys electronically to Territorial Authorities (TAs) for online certification:

  • Check with your TA that they are accepting electronic certifications before sending your survey through.
  • Confirm with the TA what other documentation they require and in what format
  • On the Manage Survey Transaction screen (see below), select the TA Certification tab:
    • check the Certification Required box
    • click the Certification button
    • select the Certificate(s) required to be signed
    • add them to the Package
    • complete the required fields for each Certificate (do not fill in the dates)
    • press the Tab key on your keyboard and read the Certificate preview
  • Ensure you add the TA's Resource Consent reference in the TA Reference field (note that TAs don't initially have the survey number in their systems so it's important to add this)
  • Check the Notify box
  • Click the Notify TA button, and
  • Save the Extract file to your computer.

You will receive an onscreen message that the TA has been notified

Manage Survey Transaction screenshot

The TA will receive an email advising them that you have electronically requested online certification of a survey. The TA will then complete the compliance process, certify the Certificate(s) and sign the Package(s).

Once the TA has completed the certification, you will be sent an email advising that the Certificate(s) has been completed and can be viewed as a Supporting Document of the e-survey dataset.

A notice is also included in the surveyor's Landonline Workspace "My Messages".