Have you ever wondered why some people associated with your Landonline account receive information from LINZ when others don't? Or why the details of some Landonline accounts don't appear when you search for them?

It's all to do with your user profile stored within Landonline. The details you provide and update determine which information is able to be viewed, and how it can be accessed from within Landonline.

As more customers use Landonline, it's important that customers keep their profiles up to date so we can all work within Landonline more efficiently.

Some common updates you can undertake are as follows:

  1. Your contact details – i.e. phone, mobile, fax, email, physical and postal address details. Use the 'change individual details' form on the Landonline website.
  2. Your Landonline preferences – i.e. communications about notices, post registration searches and changes in lodgement fees. Use the 'my details' area in the Landonline workspace, otherwise the system will automatically set your preferences to the email and user fields.
  3. Your Landonline rights – e.g. for a conveyancer wanting certify and sign rights, use the Web Request Form, attaching the appropriate certifications. These rights are used within Landonline to allow fields to be searched and populated such as a conveyancer using the 'create dealing' screen. This will allow Landonline users to search for a particular conveyancing professional in the 'create dealing' screen by clicking on the icon next to the CP field and searching on the firm name (followed by an asterisk).

If you are leaving your current firm and/or moving to another, and as part of this need to be switched from one Landonline account to another, it is important that you complete the processes and forms associated with 'remove individual user' and 'add individual user' as early as possible. This will help ensure your access to Landonline is uninterrupted.

Last Updated: 5 October 2020