‘Parcels without survey information’ type CSDs - Survey Sheets

This article contains information on Survey Sheets on a ‘Parcels without survey information’ type CSD.

A 'Parcels without survey information’ CSD (see related content below) can include non-boundary vectors captured between two boundary points. These vectors are often required to ascertain and verify the relationship between a new non-primary parcel and its underlying primary parcel. Their inclusion ensures compliance with the two-vector rule in relation to end points of adopted water/irregular boundaries and the Landonline requirement of linking to a minimum of two existing marks.

A non-boundary line in Landonline is defined as a line that is not forming a boundary in the CSD. Note that balance primary parcel boundary distances for easements coincident with part of a primary parcel boundary need to be captured as non-boundary lines. These balance primary parcel boundary distances are often required to be captured to meet the ascertain and verify requirements of 9.6.13(a) and 8.1(d). You can include these lines on a ‘Parcels without survey information’ CSD providing the lines are between boundary points.

By default, the capture of non-boundary vectors will create a System Generated Traverse Diagram (SGTD) and Survey Sheet.

You can choose whether to use the Survey Sheet created or alternatively, remove the SGTD from the Survey Sheet, which will then create only Title sheets. The non-boundary vectors can then be added in user added text.

To remove the SGTD:

  1. Open layout sheets.
  2. Select ‘Survey Sheet’ button.
  3. Highlight the diagram laid out on the Survey Sheet.
  4. Click on the left arrow to remove the diagram.
    Remove SGTD example

    This will leave the Survey Sheet blank and it will not be generated.
  5. Select 'Complete' button to generate new images.

When plan compilation images are generated there will be no Survey Sheet attached.