Before deciding on the dataset type, you need to determine whether the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 require the diagram of survey to show:

  • old marks found
  • new marks placed
  • witness marks
  • permanent reference marks.

If any of these marks are required, the dataset type must be ‘Survey’.

If these marks are not required, you can decide whether it is appropriate to use the ‘Parcels without survey information’ dataset type.

How do I determine which dataset type?

The critical factor determining the type of dataset to use is if the CSD contains any non-boundary marks or vectors to non-boundary marks.

This criterion is defined in the Cadastral Survey (Fees) Regulations 2003 (see related content below), on the basis that validation requirements are reduced for CSDs without ‘Survey Information’. These regulations define survey information as "non-boundary marks and related vectors". Therefore, a ‘Parcels without survey information’ CSD is a CSD without non-boundary marks and related vectors.

If a CSD is presented as a ‘Parcels without survey information’ type dataset there must be no non-boundary marks, or vectors to them, captured.

If you decide to capture non-boundary marks and related vectors (e.g. to support definition), the type of CSD must be ‘Survey’. This ensures that the non-boundary marks and vectors are correctly tested in Landonline.