New 'Recovery file' functionality has been introduced in Layout Plan Sheets and can be found under 'Plan Generation Preferences'.

This functionality is enabled by default, and helps prevent loss of data when a user is disconnected from Landonline without warning.

Options for auto-save of recovery file:

Options for auto-save of recovery file

When the functionality is enabled, a new 'recovery' file is automatically generated at the pre-selected time interval. The 'recovery' file is a 'snapshot' in time, retaining only those edits made from the time of the last 'Save'.

If your Plan Generation session is exited normally, a full Save is completed and then the recovery file is deleted.

If your session exits abnormally (e.g. system crash or time-out) the undeleted 'recovery' file will be offered to you when you re-open the plan (as shown immediately below), provided you have not done any other edits in Plan Gen before re-entering Layout Sheets.

message 32059 screenshot

Please do not accept 'Yes' or 'No' without carefully reading this message. If you select  'No' the recovery file will be deleted and your last manually saved data will be loaded, however if you select 'Yes', the content of  the recovery file will be loaded and the following message will appear:

message 32060 screenshot

You now have the option to view your layout sheets to make sure that the recovered file contains the changes you had been working on prior to your session being interrupted.  After viewing the layout sheets you can then decide whether to accept the recovery file by implementing a Save [Ctrl+S] or reject it, by cancelling out of Layout Sheets. There is no option to undo either of these choices so please choose carefully.

There have been instances where the offered recovery file is older than the saved file. This has been corrected via a systems upgrade effective 18th of August.

The recovery file option was chosen (in preference to an auto save direct to the database) for performance reasons.  The process of auto-saving to a recovery file is very fast and should have no noticeable impact on performance, however there is also the option of setting it to 'disabled' if lag becomes noticeable.

Be aware that the new Auto-save (file recovery) functionality is not a substitute for regularly, initiating a full Save [Ctrl+S].

For further information refer to Plan Generation Update.