This article clarifies the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 (RCS 2010) and Landonline capture requirements when creating a new non-primary parcel that partially coincides with its underlying primary parcel and has the Dataset Type of Parcels without Survey Information (PWSI).

On 1 November 2012 Rules 8.1(d)(iv) and 3.3.1(c) were inserted into the RCS 2010. These additions relate to non-primary parcels and their associated underlying parcel. Rule 8.1(d)(iv) should be read in conjunction with Rule 3.3.1(c). 


Rule 8.1(d)(iv) requires sufficient vectors to enable the relationship between non-primary parcel boundary points and their underlying parcel boundary points to be ascertained and verified in accordance with the accuracy standards in Rule 3.3. Rule 3.3.1(c) states boundary accuracy standards apply between the boundary points of a non-primary parcel and the boundary points of its underlying parcel where that underlying parcel is not created by the survey. Sufficient vectors are therefore required to unambiguously:

  • ascertain boundary relationships; and
  • verify boundary accuracies.

Capture all vectors that verify and ascertain. The Standard for lodgement of cadastral survey datasets requires all survey marks, boundary points, vectors and arcs that are required by the Rules, to be captured. Depiction on Diagram of Parcels and Diagram of Survey. Rule 9.6.13(a)(ii) requires the ascertaining vectors to be included on a Diagram of Survey. For PWSI datasets, if you choose not to have 'S' sheets, these vectors must be added to the ‘T’ sheets. Consider depicting all vectors used to ascertain and verify as this may assist end users in determining the location of non-primary parcels in relation to the underlying parcel.  


Scenario 1

Diagram of lot boundaries

In Figure 1, LT 4321 seeks to create AREA A over part of Lot 1 DP 123.

  • The part boundary distance PEG (1) DP 123 to UNMK 1 ascertains (red line) the boundary relationship between AREA A and Lot 1 DP 123. The part boundary distance UNMK 2 to PEG (2) DP 123 verifies (green line) this relationship.

Scenario 2

In Figure 2, LT 4321 seeks to create AREA B over Lot 2 DP 123.

  • The part boundary vectors UNMK 5 to PEG (4) DP 123 and PEG (4) DP 123 to UNMK 7 may be viewed as ascertaining (red line) and verifying (green line) each other; the boundary relationship between AREA B and Lot 2 DP 123 is adequately locked-in.
Diagram of lot boundaries by Spitfire Street